Hybrid Tube Amp KIT (TU-H82)


Stock tube : 12AU7 (ECC82) x 1pc
Rated input : [INPUT-1] 170mV [INPUT-2] 470mV
Frequency response : 20Hz – 25kHz (-3dB, 6ohm load)
Residual noise : 120uF (IEC, 6ohm load)
Power voltage : [Amp] DC 12V
[AC adapter] AC100-240V
Current consumption :[No signal]0.2A [Rated output]2A
Dimensions :
W88 x H90 x D117 mm (including projections)
W88 x H88 x D88 mm (Chassis only)
Weight: [Amp] Approx.790g

Danh mục: Từ khóa:

Clear sound of solid-state amp and soothing warm sound of tube amp – this company cubic amp enjoys the good aspects of those two different types of amplifiers.
Deck your desk with this sophisticated amp and its pleasant sound.


– Hybrid of vacuum tube input buffer + D-class speaker amp (AB-class headphone amp built-in)
– DC-controlled electronic volume built-in the amplifier IC.
Therefore the volume deflection between right and left channels at small sound volume is minimized.
– Headphone output
– Built-in USB-DAC for PC connection
– Interlocking the amp power ON/OFF with the PC USB power selectable
– Assembly kit for users to experience the fun of DIY
(A PCB is preassembled, no soldering is required. For assembly, users will need a long-nose pliers and a screwdriver only. (A hex wrench is included.))

Trọng lượng 0.79 kg
Kích thước 11.7 × 88 × 90 cm