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Jack Bybee has recently created a new, much lower-priced ($860 per set) and equally high-performance alternative to the critically acclaimed Plug-in Speaker Bullets product.  This new product, the Internal Speaker Bullet Kit, designed for OEM speaker manufacturers, audio modifiers and DIY hobbyists is installed internally, placed after the speaker terminals and before the crossover network.

Each Internal Speaker Bullet Kit contains two Positive and two Negative devices. The Positive elements (Crystal Series) are the custom-fabricated Internal Speaker Bullet (shown below) with one-inch leads. The Negative elements, for maximum sonic performance and quieting on the return leg of the connection, are the Large Regular Quantum Purifier (shown above).

One package of the Internal Speaker Bullet Kit treats a pair of single-wired loudspeakers. Bi-wire speakers require two Kits. For the audiophile who demands the absolute best performance attainable, a Positive and Negative pair may be installed right at each transducer rather than just before the crossover network after the binding post.