Ultra-thin Under-board V50


Product Name: Ultra-thin Under-board V50
Size: 490×445×5mm

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Customers who purchase Product no.V30, V40 or V50 will receive one free Earthing system V1 per every V-Series purchased. (V1 is worth 37 dollars)

Product Information
B30, B40 and B50 are the most best-selling audio accessories in Japan in recent years which portrays how effective the product is.
V30, V40 and V50 are improved versions of the B-Series that were released last year.
The B-Series is created from 2 Iron sheets with highly heated plastic compressed in between. The V-Series is created from 2 Magnesium sheets with highly heated hard rubber compressed in between.
Heat compression alone will not get rid of all unnecessary sounds. Hence, Japanese high-technology is also used to completely eliminate unnecessary metallic sounds.
The product is easy to use since you simply have to place it under your component.